What is artcardium?

There are two artcardiums: one with a capital 'A' and one with a small 'a'. Artcardium is my company; artcardium is a noun.

I explained it on my Artcardium page this way:

“I've always been curious about the feeling one gets when submerged in art, be it looking at a painting, reading a book, listening to music... If in presence of art that truly hits the right chord, it can transport you to another place, make you be overcome by this strong feeling, one that will sometimes even stay with you long afterwards. It's one of the most powerful things I have ever felt and yet never knew a word for it, so I invented one and named my company after it.”

So basically I needed a name for my company, and I took advantage of this fact and created a word for something I have always searched for and been intrigued by. Two birds, one stone.

It's a word I want people to start using because I know it's something that a lot of people do search for. Humans like words—we like being able to express ourselves and understand what's happening to us. Anyone who listens to music or reads books or likes poetry or paintings or sculpture will know what I'm talking about. When you do any of those things, you're looking for that special something, and that something is artcardium. You can even find artcardium in a breathtaking sunset.

Now, a bit about the company...

Artcardium was born out of this word, yes, but it existed before then. The first thing I ever released myself was my album Learning to Live Again in 2015. After writing songs and playing gigs and having a really fun time discovering about music production, I ended up with 'finished' songs and no label to back me up. Not wanting to hang around waiting for one to notice me, I decided to just release my own music. I needed a label name, so I chose the name Wedged Entertainment ('wedged' is a fun word to say, don't you think?). I then released my second album, Breathe Me In, in 2016 and thought nothing more about simply carrying on with that name. However, when it came to releasing my first book, the company name became more than simply serving the use of being a name—suddenly the name was visible on something, on my book in big letters, and I realised that Wedged Entertainment simply didn't cut it. Sure, it served its purpose when all I needed was a name, but it didn't feel like me, so that's when I came up with Artcardium. I hope it grows beyond my own works—I want it to become something that helps inspire other creatives and also that creates a place where anyone can immerse themselves in art.

Art matters. Long live creativity.