Heloise Clough

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What is artcardium?

There are two artcardiums: one with a capital 'A' and one with a small 'a'. Artcardium is my company; artcardium is a noun. I explained it on my Artcardium page this way: “I’ve always been curious about the feeling one gets when submerged in art, be it looking at a painting, reading a book, listening to music... If in presence of art that truly hits the right chord, it can transport you to another place, make you be overcome by this strong feeling. It’s one of the most powerful things I have ever felt and yet never knew a word for it, so I invented one and named my company after it.”

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Introduction to the blog and to myself

Hi there, Heloise speaking. I decided a blog was in order. Why? Well, not only does today mark the publication of my first book, The Art of Being a Little Bit Crazy, and I felt like doing something to commemorate it, but also I realised I have learnt a lot in getting it out into the world and felt others might benefit from my endless—emphasis on the word 'endless'—mistakes.

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