Heloise Clough


The Art of Being a Little Bit Crazy is out!

Karen's story is finally out in the world. I love Karen. I absolutely do.

Her story is one of love and loss and strength and family and escape—and of course the fear of going crazy.

She's a young artist. Her husband has just died. She has never felt so alone in her entire life. She then starts to live in two worlds: the real world and the dream world. Both feel real. But only one truly feels like home.

Join Karen as she escapes and finds reality. Know that you are never alone.


Album 3

That's right, after getting book number 1 out, I am back to music. I never stopped, really.

Book 2

I am so excited about this second book I’m working on. It's early days so all a bit hush hush, but hopefully I shall be able to share a bit more information with you soon(ish).